It’s so Lonely to be Ill

Doctors and pills
Therapists and good will
Procedures and blood draws
Operations and white gauze
Tear drops and can’t sleep
Fresh wounds skin deep
It’s lonely to be ill
Self love, self care
self what? who? where?

The sunshine, the yoga
The essential oils of Aunt Rhoda
The diets and deep breathing
But I’m still here dry heaving
No meditation or willingness
Can take away the illness
It’s so lonely to be ill
Hospital stays and beeping nights
When am I ever going to feel right
More prods more pokes
More pain it invokes
Don’t forget to take your meds
Enjoy your day alone in bed.
It’s so lonely to be ill

9 thoughts on “It’s so Lonely to be Ill

    1. This literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you soo much for your kind words you have no idea how much that means to me. I have written anything down in years. Thank you again

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