I Have No Say

I have no say

I have no say what happens to me
I’m silent, submissive and always agree

I have a few friends who to try to hang out
They travel to see me ;They take a long route

Sometimes on their way they run into trouble
it hurts my insides I can feel the blood bubble

And Sometimes I have guests I didn’t invite
But it doesn’t matter I can’t put up a fight

They violate me; I yell I shout.

I want them to leave; they won’t get out

When pain is too bad ; unwanted guests won’t leave
And I have no control; i cry and I grieve

I say enough is Enough
I say no more, the highways too rough

I’m screaming but no one can hear me
I have no rights; I just want to be free

I have no voice
I have no choice

I have no say

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