Slipping Away

He thought he had me in his hands.
Convinced me of his lies.
It was all apart of his plans.
Filled my head with doubt and deceit.
I had nowhere to go but down to dwell in defeat.
Slipping away, sinking fast.
Powerless to the spell he cast.

Struggling to stay above the surface.
I watched my life fade away.
I felt no purpose.
Falling into the deep dark.
My light diminishing.
Heart beat fading,
Gasping for air.

Below the surface,
It was there, YOU found me.
Drowning in the depths of darkness.
Your light surrounds me.
Slipping away, sinking fast
You came to save me at last.

Slipping away, sinking fast I knew you’d save me at last.

This poem; i wrote many years ago and just found the original in the deep archives

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