You Save Me

You saved my life
Before you were born
I was no longer thinking of me
Everything was you
My entire universe, the sun, the moon
Kicking in my belly to your favorite tune
Hearing me sing from within the womb

You saved my life
When you were born
So was a place I didn’t know existed,
deep in my heart
A life worth living for,
this is the start
Embracing my new role in life, my new part
My love for you is a nothing short of poetic art

You saved my life
I’m so glad you were born
You showed me to love and be loved in return
Every lesson for you was one I also had learn
You make my heart yearn
for every smile I earn

You save my life now
You saved my life then
You saved my life every day from beginning to end
This love is magic, it’s not pretend
It’s the purest form, none could contend
You’ve saved my life
Because on mine, you depend

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