All things are temporary
Even if it feels contrary
To have a lot to carry
A lot of pain to bury
It can be quite scary
To Feel like you can function barely
It’s understandable to be reactionary
But you weren’t made to be ordinary
You were made to be evolutionary
And that is honorary
Your life will be legendary
Even when it hurts momentarily
Your life should be your primary
You’re such a visionary
And that’s not imaginary
Because you are pure luminary
And I’ll be your sanctuary

2 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. Dear dear KYOKO. We must find someone or something to excite our soul.
    A poem for you dear song bird and poet.
    “I thought love would save me once.
    I learn love come to us in many places.
    Today love, I know takes patience.
    I learn what love was,
    after holding my first child.
    Now the old man knows.
    Love is my children and my five grandchildren.
    In the emotion of love,
    we will need more and we will need less.
    But I know.
    Love is life, life is love.”

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