A punch to the gut
And a slap in the face
Each step that I can’t retrace
How did I get here
Living within fear
Caged in the chaos
Almost saw my life lost
But at what cost
I’m free to fly now
But sometimes still forget how
I can be brave and face the day
Or I can crumble and hideaway,
Maybe play with a stray
I didn’t lose my life
But I lost my balance
It’s like I’m in Wonderland
Please, call me Alice

Kyoko WP


If “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is true
Then where are my muscles of honor?
I’m long over due

If pressure makes coal into diamonds
Why aren’t I dazzling?
Shiny? or new?

They said “ it can’t rain forever”
But they’ve never experienced this weather
Must not live where I do

If “ tough times don’t last but tough people do”
Then why do I feel like I’m constantly coming unglued

They say” just keep swimming”
And I always do
As long as I’m living
My heart will stay true