Won’t See You Again

The fog has lifted
My spirit shifted
I once was gifted
But now I don’t know,
to talk to you

Cause it was easier then
Back when
We were younger with discipline
stronger voice within

And now the story’s old
Nothing left to be told
I’m getting on the road
Won’t see you again

So this it then
It’s been real friend

Kyoko WP


It doesn’t matter
how many years have passed
I can still feel you choke me
I can still feel your grasp
your grabs and your grip
Fighting my screams
by biting my lip
You tossed and threw me
like rag doll
You behaved like a predator
ready to maul
I closed my eyes until it was over
The shame and the pain,
the full – body exposure
I’ll never forget
but I’ll always long for

Kyoko WP

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Big Feels: I feel too much


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I’ve always struggled between two races

I look in the mirror and see two faces

Too Asian to be white

Too white to be Asian

Where do I fit in this equation?

I always wanted to just be one

No more confusion inside of me

No more questioning my own identity

No guesses or questions of “ what are you?”

I am just me but I feel split in two

I can’t seem to find my place in society

And it may fill me with anxiety

But I know regardless, I am mighty

Never too much & Always enough

You’re never too much

And always enough

Remember these words when you want to give up

When you’re feeling weak and things are tough

Life will be rough

Try to call your bluff

Just try not to sweat the small stuff

Sometimes you might have to go off the cuff

Let go of the clutch

Feel every little touch

Remember to make sure to fill your cup

And keep your chin up

You’re never too much

And you’re always enough

I will never forget how ugly

My worst critic

My harshest judge

Everything I did, every face I made

Filled you with disgust

As would anything

I would touch

And you never missed a chance to make sure I knew

I wasn’t enough

You campaigned against me

Filled with nothing but hate

You should’ve been my support

But never took the time to relate

I was your personal punching bag

Your outlet for anger

You could not have cared less if I was in danger

I looked up to you

But you only looked down upon me

Because you could never take a moment to try to see

How these things affected me

Made me hate my own identity

And are forever instilled in my memory

I will never forget how ugly