It doesn’t matter
how many years have passed
I can still feel you choke me
I can still feel your grasp
your grabs and your grip
Fighting my screams
by biting my lip
You tossed and threw me
like rag doll
You behaved like a predator
ready to maul
I closed my eyes until it was over
The shame and the pain,
the full – body exposure
I’ll never forget
but I’ll always long for

Kyoko WP

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Why Am I Awake?

Why am I awake?
I want to sleep
And yet here I am
Sitting in bed as I weep

Something robbing
Me, I can’t control
And I am sobbing
From deep within my soul

I want to rest
I want to dream
I hold my breath
Try not to scream

My brain is wired
My emotions, on fire
My body, tired

Why am I awake?

Open Book

I’m an open book
Turn the page and take a look
Inside you’ll find every emotion and feeling
The trauma and pain that still needs healing
The once frightened child
My thoughts gone wild
The tears that I’ve cried
All the times that I’ve tried
The love in my soul
Things I can’t control
Every page, every chapter
Will have you wonder
How life hasn’t snapped her

I am majestic

I lived in hell for many years
Living in a constant state of panic and fear
Increasing everytime the devil drew near
He drew more power with every tear
Questioning my thoughts, made my own memories disappear
I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror
Until I found my strength, my spear
Now his screams I can’t even hear
He has no power, and I have no fear
I am majestic and he is mere


It’s hard to avoid the sadness

When you’re surrounded by constant madness

All of the ugly and the badness

It puts me at a disadvantage

It’s hard to see the light in pitch blackness

I think of what life would be I didn’t have this

Would it just be plain and blandness

For now I’m still finding my way out of the vastness

Wish I could take the trauma m; compact it

My brain likes to replay,; reenact it.

Every moment in exactness

Just trying to get past this

Make my pain past tense

But I often feel pathless


I’m feeling quite tremulous
The pain in my heart is strenuous
I fear it may be continuous
It’s where my hurt has made a venue of
It’s shattered quite tremendous
I don’t know if I can live with this
Something spreading; venomous
I’m feeling breathlessness
Just endless
Where there once was
And I am weaponless