Keep my Heart Alive

Maybe I dance to the beat of my own drummer.. or
Maybe I am the drummer
Still looking for my beat
I feel it as it changes right under my feet

Maybe I sing to my own melody
Lost in the rhythm of life
And it’s swift changing keys
They can be sharp, haunting
Full of melancholy

I’m lost in the lyrics
that overstimulate my mind
But there are moments of clarity
Where the words just unwind
Those moments of solace
Happen time to time

Those are the times
That keep my heart alive

Kyoko W.P.

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Never too much & Always enough

You’re never too much

And always enough

Remember these words when you want to give up

When you’re feeling weak and things are tough

Life will be rough

Try to call your bluff

Just try not to sweat the small stuff

Sometimes you might have to go off the cuff

Let go of the clutch

Feel every little touch

Remember to make sure to fill your cup

And keep your chin up

You’re never too much

And you’re always enough

Open Book

I’m an open book
Turn the page and take a look
Inside you’ll find every emotion and feeling
The trauma and pain that still needs healing
The once frightened child
My thoughts gone wild
The tears that I’ve cried
All the times that I’ve tried
The love in my soul
Things I can’t control
Every page, every chapter
Will have you wonder
How life hasn’t snapped her

I am majestic

I lived in hell for many years
Living in a constant state of panic and fear
Increasing everytime the devil drew near
He drew more power with every tear
Questioning my thoughts, made my own memories disappear
I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror
Until I found my strength, my spear
Now his screams I can’t even hear
He has no power, and I have no fear
I am majestic and he is mere

Your Rage Kept Me In A Cage

You kept me in a cage; chained and locked.

There was no way out that was not blocked

Kidnapped. Wings strapped. Completely Trapped

Days go by. I still don’t fly

Hope decreased. Would I ever be released?

I won’t let him keep me here. I won’t be controlled by fear

It’s time things are changing. It’s time for uncaging

I fought and felt stripped from the chains that I ripped.

 My wings for so long held down and gripped

 But they could not possibly ever be clipped

I was once in your prison. But from those dwellings i have finally risen.

Thick skin

They say I need thick skin
That I am too weak

But I’ve been through plenty
Maybe this is where I peak

They tell me I need to get tough.

I tell them I just feel too much

You don’t need thick skin
You don’t need to be strong
It’s okay if you’re sad and cry all day long

It’s okay not to be okay
No matter what they might say

I know what I am and need to be
But wearing my heart on my sleeve Is a part of me

I don’t need thick skin
I’m just a body with a sensitive soul within